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Service & Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance

We reduce breakdowns and repair costs by regularly visiting, testing, and monitoring our commercial clients electrical control systems. We identify issues early and are often able to repair on the spot without any downtime affecting the client.

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General, Emergency and Security Lighting Checks

We offer regular General, Emergency and Security lighting checks for our clients to meet their Building Warrant of
Fitness requirements and provide IQP testing. Repairs and replacements are often able to be actioned at the time
of our visitation.

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Generator Testing

After we have completed an installation of a generator for our clients, we can arrange regular generator testing to ensure that when the generator is required, it works as expected. This also meets the Building Warrant of Fitness requirements.

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EV Charger Testing

When we have installed an EV charger for a client, we are able to provide regular fault testing of the charger as per WorkSafe requirements, this also provides assurance that the system is working as expected.  We provide a labeling system to ensure visibility of testing completion.

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IQP Testing

This is performed as part of our regular General, Emergency and Security Lighting Checks for our commercial clients.


UPS Installation and maintenance 

We have several clients that provide essential services and require UPS systems to ensure continuous back up power services. We work with a UPS supplier to obtain a system that meets our customers’ requirements. We provide installation services and maintenance contracts for these systems.

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Test and Tag

We provide both regular and one-off test and tag services for our building contractors and their work sites. We provide large scale test and tagging for our large commercial and retail customers, this is delivered through our trusted service provider.

Other Services

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