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Lighting Solutions

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Lighting design – Emergency, Security, General

Lighting is an extremely important consideration in every building, and therefore needs to be carefully planned and designed.

At CGI Electrical Maintenance we relish the opportunity to work with our clients to at an early stage to guide them on optimal lighting plans.

These plans include everything from general lighting in key common areas, through to safety and security lighting in egress areas.  We also have extensive knowledge in optimising lighting solutions for retail spaces, which is often a key consideration in maximising the customer shopping experience.

Lighting Installation

We seamlessly handle the installation of a diverse array of lighting products, encompassing custom high-end fixtures to more budget-friendly options.


Equipped with specialised tools and knowledge, our team excels in installations across a range of interior and exterior conditions. This includes tasks such as working at elevated heights and within the confines of commercial freezers.


Other Services

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