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ACG Sunderland Childcare

Project Type

New Build Commercial Installation


Henderson, Auckland

For the new ACG Sunderland Early Learning School our role was to provide and install electrical and lighting fixtures for a new early childcare facility. We successfully won the tender for this new build project despite a COVID lockdown preventing us from physically inspecting the site at that stage.

This marked our first collaboration with Q Construction, the lead contractor of the project. We worked closely with Q Construction's contractors and management team throughout the entire job, ensuring a seamless and productive working relationship.

The project was plagued by multiple COVID lockdowns, which necessitated temporary closures of the site. These lockdowns caused significant delays in meeting the completion deadlines. To minimise the impact of these setbacks, we promptly arranged for additional staff when the lockdowns were lifted. We also extended our support to the builders by assisting with some of their designated tasks, further mitigating delays. Managing supply chain disruptions was another challenge we faced due to the pandemic. Anticipating these difficulties, we proactively ordered the necessary equipment ahead of schedule. By doing so, we prevented any unnecessary delays caused by equipment shortages.

Health & Safety
Given the ongoing COVID pandemic, we adhered to and supported the implementation of additional health and safety protocols. Our team consistently complied with these measures to ensure the well-being of all involved.

Despite these obstacles, we successfully completed the project within the adjusted timeline dictated by the pandemic. Our ability to overcome these challenges is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional results under adverse circumstances.

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