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Commercial Services


Electrics for Offices and Retail Spaces

We welcome projects from our commercial clients, specifically for office builds and retail fit-outs & alterations. We are able to leverage our dependable supply chain and long-standing relationships with suppliers, to efficiently procure all of the very best electrical solutions for each project.


Recognising the unique needs of each client, our team is equipped with extensive experience in commercial projects, and excels in tailoring their approach to meet the specific requirements of each project. This expertise allows us to streamline our methods and deliver cost-effective solutions.

New Apartment Complexes

We expertly cater to a diverse range of budgets for new apartment projects. From high-end, custom-designed luxury apartments to budget-conscious Kainga Ora housing, our track record in supplying and installing electrical and lighting systems speaks for itself.

In the realm of high-end custom designs, we infuse sophistication into every detail, ensuring seamless integration of electrical and lighting components with the overall luxury of living spaces. 

Conversely, our experience extends to budget-conscious projects like Kainga Ora housing, emphasising efficiency and functionality. We prioritise reliable and cost-effective solutions without compromising safety or performance. 


School Expansion Projects

CGIEM has provided comprehensive cost estimates and carried out the installation of electrical services and lighting systems for school expansion projects. This includes the development of new structures as well as modifications to current ones. We are fully cognizant of and adhere to the specific regulations governing these educational buildings, such as the Ministry of Education's electrical and data installation standards, in addition to health and safety protocols required for on-site work during academic periods.


Townhouse Developments

The specific timelines tied to new townhouse developments frequently pose challenges, prompting us to continually refine our strategies with each project.


Through our team's technical expertise and consistent communication with the entire project team, we ensure that deadlines and budgets are successfully met. The recurrence of this type of business from our clients speaks to our team's capability to consistently deliver and exceed expectations.

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Leaky Building Reclads

Regrettably, the need for leaky building repair is prevalent in the Auckland region. Having overseen numerous projects addressing leaky buildings, we possess a thorough understanding of the necessary measures to rectify and renew electrical services for these structures.

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