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EV Charging Solutions

Efficient EV Charging Solutions for Multi-Occupancy Premises

At CGI Electrical Maintenance, we are your trusted experts in electric vehicle charging station solutions. Installing multiple EV chargers in places like apartment blocks, office car parks, and commercial spaces can be a complex undertaking. Many older premises, especially apartment blocks, were not initially designed to accommodate the additional electrical load required for multiple charging stations. 

With our deep knowledge of dynamic charging and load management systems, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your office or apartment block is well-equipped for the future of sustainable transportation.

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We begin with a thorough assessment, starting from an initial load study to system design. This meticulous planning ensures the seamless integration of electric vehicle charging stations into your existing infrastructure.


Our design process is precisely adapted to your unique requirements, which may include infrastructure upgrades, load management system installation, and charger configuration for dynamic charging.

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Our commitment doesn't end with installation. We ensure the reliability of your EV charging infrastructure through meticulous testing. Our comprehensive procedures ensure that your chargers consistently deliver power where and when it's needed. Our advanced monitoring systems maintain equitable distribution across all chargers and offer a streamlined billing process for your convenience.

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Our experienced team of electricians specialises in the efficient installation of EV chargers. We understand the individuality of each project, working closely with our clients to ensure timely, safe and cost-effective installations that meet the highest industry standards. 

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