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Lighting Services


Lighting design – Emergency, Security, General

We consistently receive projects from our commercial clients, specifically for office and retail fit-outs and alterations. Leveraging our dependable supply chain and robust relationships with suppliers, we efficiently procure the necessary equipment for these endeavors. Recognizing the unique needs and budget constraints of our clients, our team, equipped with extensive experience in similar projects, excels in tailoring their approach to meet specific requirements. This expertise allows us to streamline our methods and deliver effective solutions to our clients.

Lighting Installation

We seamlessly handle the installation of a diverse array of lighting products, encompassing custom high-end fixtures to more budget-friendly standard options. Equipped with specialized tools and trained personnel, our team excels in installations across a spectrum of interior and exterior conditions. This includes tasks such as working at elevated heights and within the confines of commercial freezers.

Other Services

Commercial Projects

Service and Maintenance

Lighting Solutions

Commercial Solar Systems

Large Residential

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